The Nights of Revelation

Screaming in the dark, I howl when we're apart
Drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart
My fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in
You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl

Howl - Florence + The Machine


Mia, Sister, Lost Mother, Wyrmfoe, Tattered Soul, Tracks the Square Meat, Licks the Antifreeze, Licks the Elder, Hunts with Lego, Runs with the Hunt, Starchaser, Fangs of Ῥαμνουσία, Bat Licker, Born on Four Legs to Luna's Crescent Mysteries, Daughter of Pegasus, Called of Themis, Sworn Warrior of Volcano, Chosen of Phoenix, Priestess of the Silver Pack, and Seraphic Legend of the Garou Nation.

Mia was one of the few still wild born wolves in Rhode Island after they had been hunted nearly to extinction. She spent most of her first year no different than her lupus kinfolk though her all black coat from her Fury pure blood stood out against the gray wolves native to the area. Her First Change came after being struck by an 18-wheeler whilst crossing the highway and thanks to a cooperative effort with the local vampire domain covering up the incident nicely. The fact that it was one of their own driving at the time notwithstanding. She gained Renown quickly, joining the Freebooters and becoming Keeper of the Land of the Great Swamp Sept. When the caern was attacked by the Black Spirals lead by the Dragon's Daughter Pack in 2011 Mia fought valiantly; buying time for the others escorting the cubs to flee into the Umbra and ending in a standoff before the lodestone with the notorious Zhyzhak. The Black Spiral Legend grappled the then only Adren Mia by her skull, digging her claws in to rake down her face, destroying her left eye before throwing the young wolf into the stone with such force that the lodestone cracked along with Mia's spine. Were it not for her Camp's blessing, Mia would have died but much like her Silent Strider friends Mia ran not stopping until she made it to the Hartford Sept before slipping into unconsciousness at the foot of one such friend. Aidan

Zhyzhak managed another victory, as Mia's memory disappeared like a fog at sunrise and with it her rank. Once more a Cliath she was adopted into a pack with Aidan, becoming their only Theurge and Lupus born. Packed under the Batmobile, they gave her the deed name Sister in reference to something on the internet only her Bone Gnawer Alpha and Glass Walker Beta truly understood. In turn, Sister started to heal, fixating on Sheila, the car they had given to her as responsibility what with being their Pack Totem. For the next two years Sister gave in to a bit of agoraphobia, mostly 'living in Sheila's butt' as the guilt of her self-perceived failure ate away at her, though the reasons for it still shrouded in mystery. All hope was not lost however; for Pegasus refused to leave his daughter half-blind to the spirit world and as such gifted her with a new eye to replace what was lost. As clear and blue as his own that could constantly peek beyond the veil into the Umbra.

Her pack however, would not survive the fight against the Wyrm. When Sarge and Tex were found breaking the Litany and the proof unable to be ignored as the months ticked along, the pair were punished and their fate along with the unborn metis something she never found the truth of. Even Aidan eventually chose to return to Egypt to help his tribe ending in the only way it ever seemed to. Sister was... alone.

It was after she saved the Silver Fang caern that Chelsea Watson came crashing into Sister's life with the gale force of a hurricane. The Fianna took one look at the bedraggled wolf and decided Sister would become "her problem now" and with that took the stray back to her Alpha Kati. Knowing full well Kati's soft spot for strays and lost children, Sister was offered an invitation into the pack that would soon thereafter become the Silver Pack.

It is unknown whether or not Sister recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

Mia's current whereabouts are in flux as the Silver Pack have left New Orleans to aid Aya and Chiyo-shisai with the corruption spreading in the forest and threatening all of Japan.

After The Returned cleansed the old Pentex oil rig in the gulf not only of the Wyrm but the hold Green Dragon had upon it, the Silver Pack left Japan to investigate what happened at the same time members of the Sword of Caine did the same with Sascha Vykos leading the charge. Back at the caern in New Orleans, Caden took a few wolves, among them Tana, to do their own investigation; all without realizing whomever else was on the way to do the same. The outcome of that meeting is currently unknown.