The Nights of Revelation

Ridin' through this world. All alone.
God takes your soul, you're on your own.
The crow flies straight, a perfect line.
On the devil's path. Until you die...

This Life - Curtis Stigers and The Forest Rangers


Abrahams is a staple of New Orleans bustling night life; this second shift streetcar driver has spent most of the last few decades shuffling the transient denizens of the crescent city across it's sprawling breadth. His cheery demeanor and constant music greet every passenger, be they old friend or new, with a familiarity that puts all at ease regardless of their preternatural predilections. He does not bat an eye at any Masquerade breaches; in fact his unflappable nature has given him card blanche protection from all of the major supernatural groups of the city.

Back in the early 1960s, Abrahams was hassled by local law enforcement. Serg intervened, making swift ends of the offending bigots and Abrahams gave his thanks swearing that he would not forget the kindness and that Serg would 'always ride free' with him.

With time reset to 2019, Abrahams does not appear to hold any memory of the Apocalypse, though he does remember Serg helping him back in 1963.