The Nights of Revelation

So death is coming
To purge this town
I know your name
And I'm gonna hunt you down
You can run
You can hide
You can pray
But I'm gonna cut you down

Hunt You Down - The Hit House feat. Ruby Friedman


Oxford educated and from a wealthy family of privilege, Anastaz set his sights on greatness since his mortal life. An interest in stage magic after watching an act at a local pub led to his eventual membership to the secret society known as the Magic Ring. In 1867 he managed to scare off a vampire feeding on a young woman, a fact that his peers mocked when he returned to tell the tale. Later that night the same vampire revealed himself to the young man and Anastaz cast his life aside to become a Tremere and learn real magic with abandon. He spent a quarter of a century studying in Vienna under the best blood mages of the clan before interacting with Camarillan society as a whole not under the accounting but as the archon to the former Justicar.

He continued to shine as a prodigy with his friendly demeanor and altruistic behavior, and in 1998 Regent Jean St. Frederique put him forward as the candidate for position of Justicar. While he handles his duties with diligence, Anastaz has his eyes set on Montréal.

It is unknown whether or not Anastaz recalls the events of the Apocalypse, though some would argue it would be a safe assumption to make.