The Nights of Revelation

“Das ist nicht mein Bier”


Andi Boudreaux was born on January 28, 1973 in the suburbs of New Orleans. Her mother died when she was just a baby, leaving her father to raise her and her three older brothers. Andi learned to hold her own amongst the boys from a very young age. Her father would take her fishing and hunting, and all other sorts of outdoors activities. When she turned 18 she left home to move into New Orleans proper where she attended classes to become an EMT. She spent most of her time studying, but also attending concerts though not 100% for the music. She was in it for the mosh-pits. Not afraid to take a hit, she enjoyed the rough and tumble atmosphere. Finding work as an EMT fulfilled her need to help people, something she had enjoyed since she was a child. At the age of 25, Jaroslav Pascek saw her brawl at an underground fight club. That was when he decided to embrace her.

Andi might be small, but she is scrappy. She has a sturdy build for her petit frame, standing at about 5'1" and 120lbs.

She has pale skin with platinum blonde hair and peircing blue eyes. She wears her hair cut short, cropped close to her scalp on the sides and longer on top. Her arms and legs are covered in tattoos, and she has several peircings. (two on her bottom lip, climbing up her ears, and another set that will remain private.) Her style has never left the grunge era of the 1990's.