The Nights of Revelation

Look, I don't dance now
I make money moves
Say I don't gotta dance
I make money move
If I see you and I don't speak
That means I don't fuck with you
I'm a boss, you a worker, bitch
I make bloody moves

Bodak Yellow - Cardi B


Once prolific Interpol Agent, Ash MacDonald was once every inch a faerie princess. Born in Boston to the Unseelie King and His Queen Consort, her chrysalis into sidhe came at the young age of ten. And while she never wanted for anything there was a disconnect between her and her father especially. All the more tragic when at the age of fifteen she was kidnapped from the Yule celebrations; the trail leading to a burning boat in the bay and all assumed the young MacDonald heiress had perished in the blast.

The truth of the matter becomes murky, but reports came back that she was picked up by the True Fae legend The Blue Fox and taken onto his pirate crew sailing the seas of Avalon, Arcadia, and Ironside. Eventually the young woman's whereabouts returned to human society as a student at the University of Edinburgh before being picked up by Interpol along with her college roommate, Aaron.

Her homecoming at twenty-two to Boston was only for a case; tracking a series of serial murders known as the 'Archangel Slayings'. Over the course of six months her life was spoken mostly in the press from those she helped, those she brought to justice, and of course those who kept coming and going from her home. It was mostly the tabloids that followed her social entanglements with a few international bachelors, but even legitimate press took an interest what with how affluent and powerful her father and his company were in the world stage. Between a rumored engagement to a Englishman (and fellow sidhe) named Richard Lyonshart, a close friendship with a Miami ER doctor named Josh Noelani, all the more scandalous when she was seen with an infamous gang leader AK Gutiérrez from Los Angeles during a viral Ebola outbreak and subsequent rioting. The rumors growing all the more juicy when Gutiérrez and his grandmother moved cross-country...

While the details are hazy, Agent MacDonald had two massive attempts on her life, the first being an explosive delivered to her house that her foster daughter Aster MacDonald answered the door for that destroyed their townhouse. They miraculously survived with minimal injuries all things considered, leading to Ash moving them into a home down in Newport, RI. The second was an incident in Kappelrodeck, Germany during Walpurgisnacht 2018 that were it not for the intervention of her sire Ash would not have survived a deadly cocktail of designer drugs. As far as the human world is concerned, Ash MacDonald perished in the line of duty leaving a grieving fiancé and family, her foster daughter being adopted by Gutierrez with his abuelita acting as another guardian.

To Kindred Society, Az immediately stepped into the role of doting girlfriend and childe. Born longing for the freedom the Anarchs proselytize, Az quickly honed her already sizable skills to a deadly precision becoming AK's Warlord within a month. Brutality blending with blueblood beauty, the perfectly matched queen to his king. The pair of them took little time before uniting the Anarch gangs of the East Coast to following their leadership and while her sire and lover may be Baron in title, it took little time before they began addressing her as Baroness as well. Their independence and neutrality rivaled only by the first real threat the Camarilla or Sabbat have had from a rogue kindred sect politically since the Giovanni.

It is unknown whether or not Az recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

After the Sacking of Atlanta by Priscus Vykos, Cardinal Polonia, and Inquisitor Vandemar; the ruling from the Camarilla came down that the Anarchs would be charged with cleaning up the mess and reclaiming the city, if they wished to maintain their independence after all, they would need to be in compliance with the stipulations founded during the Convention of Thorns. Both Az and AK agreed to lead the vanguard with Jeanette Voerman. The only Camarilla aid came in the form of Prince Ashcroft of New Orleans, his Sheriff Colleen Cormac, and his Seneschal Elyas Lazar. The Returned consisted of Andi, Aya, Cyrus, Nyx, Ollie, Rosalie and Serg also came to the aid of Atlanta taking on a Vozhd that had found it's way to the Aquarium after fighting their way through three different types of reanimated and infectious dead.