The Nights of Revelation

One of us the hunter. One of us the prey.
One of us the victor. One to walk away.
One who's left remaining. One of us who stands.
One who lies defeated. Beneath the other's hands.
When the dust is settled, Only one of us will see.
Which of us was worthy. Which of us was weak.
And when this fight is over, Only one of us will say.
Which of us the victor. And which of us the prey...

Retaliate - VNV Nation


Asher Witchesbane, Gore Singer, Holds Back the Abyss, Dauntless Sentinel of the Lodestone, Born on Four Legs, to Luna's War Cry, Sworn Warrior of Grandfather Thunder, Chosen of Hades & Persephone, Child of Grandfather Thunder and Adren of the Garou Nation.

Asher is a young wolf, born in the Hudson River Valley in Spring 2017. He was taken to L'Acadiane Caern and immediately took to the other cubs with the boundless joy only found in young pups. After the attack on the manor, Asher First Changed and defended the Cairn, facing down and killing the poppets that killed the Den Mother. Like all of his tribe, Asher is a pinnacle of honor and duty even in his youth and come the Apocalypse has become the second to Kit Heartbreaker in their satellite of The Underground.

He has formed a strong attachment to Elizabeth, Nyx, Oliver, and Rosalie; going as far as claiming their coterie as his pack. He's simple, brave, loyal, and a great warrior for Gaia despite his youth and lack of intellectual prowess. If he possesses guile, it is expertly hidden under his cheery demeanor.

With time reset back to 2019, Asher is one of the few who hold memories of the Apocalypse and what impact the Unmoored and the Coterie had in the Final Nights.

Because of the intervention of The Unmoored at the caern, the massive losses that the Garou faced as well as the corrupted lodestone was prevented; instead of a massacre and desecration it merely ended in minor injuries common in any scuffle. Thanks to their help, Caden offered the Kindred (through Prince Hastings) a Major Boon and Asher has since taken a fancy to wandering around on two legs as was his habit during the Final Nights.

Asher has pushed the conversation of packing up with Ollie, Cyrus, and Aya (though that is temporarily on hiatus until her return from Japan.) After they cleansed the old Pentex oil rig in the gulf not only of the Wyrm but the hold Green Dragon had upon it, Asher has packed with Andi, Aya, Cyrus, Nyx, Ollie, Rosalie and Serg under Persephone and Hades as Pack Totem.

With the Elders of the caern and the Silver Pack currently missing, Asher has stepped into the role of Caern Alpha in interim until their return.