The Nights of Revelation


Koe - Tsukiko Amano

The Dragonfly Priestess has tended the Sea of Trees going back generations; though the title and mantle have been passed down from mentor to student, little is known of the women who have dedicated themselves to this service nor what entirely it entails. Some speak of a time when a local village in the prefecture would send their daughters to a festival where a maiden would be chosen to be sent into the Forest. Other legends speak of a folklorist whose illegitimate daughter had been cursed to tend the shrine hidden in the heart of a cursed place. Still others speak on a small respite on the outskirts on an abandoned road, just this side of the ropes that offers a safe place to stay the night before the sun sets on the shadow of the mountain and the unsettling things that come when the dark stretches it's claws out indefinitely.

Chiyo herself holds little standing in Fera society, caring only for her charge the Forest and those that find themselves within. She has refused dozens that have come to her in the hopes of learning from her and the secrets she tends with the same care she shows the ancient shrine. But they were dismissed with the same soft brush aside as the broom she meticulously sweeps across the path from the Gate every day worn smooth from her geta and years of repetition. It wasn't until Aya found her way to her that Chiyo finally took another under her wing, considering the young fox kit hers. Though even her protege, it can be assumed, does not know the extent of not only the folklore of the shrine but the singular caretaker miko that loves it so.

The fate of The Dragonfly Priestess is unknown after the Silver Pack (Kati, Chelsea, Grace, Marlowe, and Sister) and Aya were told by her to leave and investigate the large echo from when the Returned cleansed the old Pentex oil rig in the gulf not only of the Wyrm but the hold Green Dragon had upon it.