The Nights of Revelation

"May your feet serve you well
And the rest be sent to Hell
Where they always have belonged
Cold hearts brew colder songs."

- Let's Kill Tonight by Panic! at the Disco


August Howl met the group just a few days after stepping down as Prince of Boston. There are some rumors, of course, as to why this happened. If you ask August, he will say it is because dealings between the Camarilla and the Changeling Court of Boston (particularly with King MacDonald) have grown strain, due to no ill-mannered actions of his own, but August knows himself well enough to know that in that political arena, it is best for him to not be in charge of vampire/fae relations. He also seems to be keenly away of trying time ahead, and feels his skills would be best served elsewhere, rather than rooted to one place.

Session 31: Running Up That Hill[]

He took the appointment of Alastor under the Red Alastor herself, Lucinde. He has also expressed at least some sort of relationship with Ash "Az" MacDonald, Linus "AK" Gutiérrez, and Jaroslav Pascek, though the extent of those has yet to be revealed. He also seemed rather fond of seeing Aya Tsukinoko, though there was no time to have any sort of true reunion.

Despite stepping down as Prince of Boston, the people in Elysium (which seemed to be a rather mixed group, creature-type-wise) seemed to be rather fond of him, and in fact were happy to see him. He also seems to trust the new Prince, Jerrick "Erik" Eskildsen, with what was once his domain.

His assistance to the Unmoored led in the direction of a group organized on the dark web, which Serg proceeded to investigate. The investigation, while providing several steps forward in uncovering more about this plan, sprung the defenses of their enemy.

Session 32: Sinners[]

The magic used to defend the information rendered Serg in a torpor-like state, and Andi Pascek with something that resembled a New England (or older?) style witchcraft affliction. August was able to direct the Unmoored to a friend of his: Jimmy Vegas.

Jimmy Vegas, a world -known prestidigitator, was able to assist Andi in exchange for a favor of calling Jaroslav Pascek on his behalf. Jimmy hinted at something brewing among the Tremere that may be worth keeping an eye on. During that time, August was also able to get in contact with another old friend to aid the Unmoored in their investigation of Thornapple Valley, and after recommending that everyone find gifts to bring, he brought them to Nigel Obertus.

Much more was discussed with Nigel. The Obertus mentioned that he had been investigating Thornapple Valley, as well as the other strange appearances of towns or locations that should not exist, yet have appeared within the world, developing the theory that these locations seems to be springing up to fix holes in the fabric of reality. Further investigation would, however, be required with boots on the ground. The Unmoored also revealed more information to August and Nigel, including that Lucifer Morningstar is no longer in the Pit, the appearance of several of his wives, and the fall of Samael (now possessing Byron Valdis.) August admitted that he was overwhelmed, and with dawn approaching he suggested they call it a night, but now before Nigel said he was putting in a call to Shara Devareaux.