The Nights of Revelation

Neunundneunzig Kriegsminister
Streichholz und Benzinkanister
Hielten sich für schlaue Leute
Witterten schon fette Beute

Before the Apocalypse[]

Hailing from the Black Forest region of Germany, Banner has found a new way for the Sluagh to gain information: conspiracy theory message boards.

Posting online and directing the less-malicious variety of paranoia, Banner has perfected the art of online manipulation and “close encounter” setup.

However, this has come at the cost of his social abilities, and his Sluagh family fear he may be spending too much time behind the keyboard and not enough time with his Kin.

During the Apocalypse (Before the Reset)[]

Banner went to New Orleans in search of disappearing family,

Somehow, in a manner not explained, Banner found himself in Arkham, Massachusetts. Specifically, in a morgue. Escaping a body bag, Banner found himself in soaking-wet clothes, along with a group of rather strange and closely-knit individuals.

Dr. Rosalyn Roivas entered, and explained that Arkham must have wanted them for some reason. She suggested the Queen of the Ever-Dreaming, someone Banner was supposed to know, but whom he couldn’t quite seem to place.

Despite a turbulent introduction which almost led to open hostility, the group made their way into town. The trip was scary, with creatures outside trying to get at them. They crossed the river into Arkham proper, home of Miscetonic University as the clocks were striking thirteen.

With diners and shops closed, the group made their way to the university library, where (after talking to a very stern librarian) they were able to change clothes and arrange for a meeting with Jospeh Whaitley. His daughter, Rebecca Waitley, was the Queen the party was seeking.

Meeting Rebecca in Roivas Manor was an ordeal. Banner’s social ineptitude earned him a much-deserved talking-down-to when he failed to introduce himself properly.

Rebecca promised to help the group at great personal cost, if only they could return the stolen remains of her family to her. Conducting a seance, the party ascertained the whereabouts of the bones, and was al;lowed to arm ourself using the private armory.

At a nearby manor house, Banner aided the group in defeating a group of Faemori and Black Spiral Dancers, particularly in helping bring Charlie back from near-certain oblivion.

Somehow, in the middle of the fight, a Kitsune name Aya and Charlie’s ward, a teenage girl name Lovecraft, appeared.

As promised, the group was sent back to pre-apocalypse New Orleans.

Preventing the Apocalypse[]

The group found themselves in the NOLA Elysium and were summoned by Prince Evelyn Hastings, where Banner’s short attention span once again caused him to remain silent.

However, the slight was overlooked in favor of focusing on the larger problem. The Coterie went to defend the bridge while the others (Ollie, et al) went to defend the Caern, where Banner fought admirably.

They returned to the Prince, and were then sent out to infiltrate a party where Beleth would be present, hoping to stop the start of the apocalypse.

While a majority of the party made their way inside, Banner went with Serg to the rooftop to interrupt the corrupted water supply. It was on the way there that Serg stabbed Banner in the back, killing him after a brief struggle. Serg admitted his actions during the party’s meeting with the Silver Pack in Elysium, stating Banner’s perceived disrespect as his motive. Prince Hastings and the Silver Pack offered their thanks, with the Silver Pack naming Serg a friend of the Garou Nation.

However . . .