The Nights of Revelation

Run boy run! This world is not made for you
Run boy run! They're trying to catch you
Run boy run! Running is a victory
Run boy run! Beauty lays behind the hills...

Run Boy Run - Woodkid

Caden Ash Heart, Tiarna an Tóraíocht Fiáin, Rí Briste Chroí, an Álainn, Wyrm Slayer, Marú Diabhal, Fomhóraigh Mallacht, Frost Hunter, Last Star, Foe's Lament, Born on Two Legs beneath Luna's Hidden Face, Son of Stag, and Blooded Elder of the Garou Nation.

Alpha of the L'Acadiane Caern, is relatively new to the preternatural hierarchy of New Orleans. Though his family has deep roots in the parish, in terms of Garou society he is an up-and-comer. The day he challenged the former Alpha to the Mound is a story told often at many a moot considering the discrepancies between their Rank and Renown at the time. And while the Gnawers aren’t too happy about losing the territory they scavenged “fair and square” from the Uktena, the few Children of Stag are quite pleased one of their boys is now in charge.

While there are always rumblings of challenges to power after such an upset, Caden‘s hold to leadership is a tenuous one, though his vendetta against D.N.A. (Developmental Neogenetics Amalgamated) seems to be a people pleasing distraction. With what anyone can pry from the spirits, it seems like a miracle got him to where he is and his crusade keeps him in the good graces of the Caern. Lucky bastard to be sure; whose luck must run out sometime. Right?

Caden was first introduced to the Unmoored back in the last linear day of 2019 during the mass attack on all of the preternatural groups in the area. He welcomed the vampires and wraiths that came to the cairn manor with Ollie in the hopes that perhaps someone from an outlying community might have better tools to aid his people and was impressed at how they treated one of the most vulnerable of them. Affection and protective actions towards Asher spoke louder than any supernatural heritage and as of his disappearance Caden was grateful towards his unlikely allies.

With time reset to 2019, Caden does not appear to hold any memory of the Apocalypse but has been informed by the party as to it's occurrence.

Because of the intervention of The Unmoored at the caern, the massive losses that the Garou faced as well as the corrupted lodestone was prevented; instead of a massacre and desecration it merely ended in minor injuries common in any scuffle. Thanks to their help, Caden offered the Kindred (through Prince Hastings) a Major Boon.