The Nights of Revelation
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''Go! - Santigold''
''Go! - Santigold''

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People want my power

And they want my station

Storm my winter palace

But they couldn’t take it

All the way to Paris

Ride my reputation

Try to pull my status

But they couldn’t fake it

Go! - Santigold


Chelsea Watson Relic Hunter, The Doctor, Super Fianna, Angrboda’s Bane, Word Weaver, Axiom’s Pedagogue, Silvered Tongue, Devil’s Advocate, Goblin Friend, Defender of the Vulnerable, Born on Two Legs to Luna's Hidden Face, Daughter of Stag, Called of Loki Fárbautimögr, Sworn Warrior of Volcano, Chosen of Phoenix, Beta of the Silver Pack, and Valiant Legend of the Garou Nation

Born to an upper middle class family in the suburbs of London; Chelsea refuses to let anyone know that instead choosing to create exponentially more ridiculous tall tales instead. Her life was relatively normal before her first Change as a young teen; a home invasion that ended in her mother's death. Guilt and fear made Chelsea runaway and her dad's death shortly there after didn't help matters. Instead she found her family in the Garou Nation and the Ragabash dedicated herself to reclamation efforts of Garou artifacts that had found their way to private collections and museums over the years. It was a way to get something back that had been stolen away though Chelsea would deny to her last breath that it held such a resonance to her.

Life came and went rather simply from there; her duty counterbalanced by her refusal to join any pack proper, multiple women able to call themselves hers for a time but never one to settle down especially when things were going to well. Eventually her paths crossed with a pack run by an arrogant Silver Fang lupus, and Chelsea took particular delight in undermining her attempts to 'seduce her into the pack', pointing out quite plainly how absolutely ludacris a recruitment attempt that was. It was during one of these attempts when a hole rended through the Veil and all the layers of the Umbra. When confronted with this swirling temporal maw Chelsea did the only thing she thought appropriate; plucking a fist sized rock from the ground she hurled it into the portal. And out tumbled an unconscious Kati still clad in her dikhlo and skirts.

When she regained consciousness, albeit more from becoming Unmoored through Time and less the rock, it was Chelsea whose proficiency at Pictish and Gaelic that served as a translator for the displaced Dark Ages Shadow Lord. And it was a combination of Kati's presence and equal unaffected indifference to the Silver Fang that led Chelsea to claiming the newcomer as her Alpha. A few short days later, Grace also defected to Kati's modern pack. And the rest, they say, was history.

It is unknown whether or not Chelsea recalls the events of the Apocalypse.