The Nights of Revelation

I'm not half the man I used to be
There's a shadow hanging over me
Oh, yesterday came suddenly

Yesterday - Beatles

Once silversmith, now Justicar, "Robin's" humble roots tie back to colonial American poverty. As all the prolific members of his clan can boast, his survival was a blend of skill and luck in the crucible that was Stanford Warwick's tyranny and early American politics both kine and kindred.

The hows and whys of his appointment to Archon and subsequently Justicar are something of sect legend and peppered with run-ins and encounters with notorious kindred such as the other two members of the Northeast Triumvirate (Warwick's compatriots: Roman Pendragon and William Biltmore), his sire Petrodon before his Final Death in 1997, and the first of many assaults on Archbishop Polonia and his New York branch of the Sabbat.

A staple of New England kindred society he splits his time between there, the Justicar Council headquarters (whose location is a closely guarded secret) and an occasional jaunt across the pond to various major western European Camarilla cities.

Unlike most elders, Cock Robin refuses to be a stagnant anachronism with an unusual fascination and delight in mortal society and pop culture. Of all his clan mates there are a few notable hallmarks or leaders that hold his esteem, two such favored Nosferatu of New Orleans residence being Prince Hastings and Serg. And of the few other preternaturals that he considers among his personal contacts and friends are former Interpol Agent Ash MacDonald and Oliver Bouchard. The hows and whys of such favor known only to the Justicar himself.

It is unknown whether or not Cock Robin recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

After the trial of Evelynn Hastings; the Justicar Council has stripped her of her title of Prince, declaring Praxis for the minimum of one moon with a replacements of the entire Court of their choosing. Cock Robin with the aid of various archons have taken to trying to help the party as best as they can with the current happenings of the Justicar Council.