The Nights of Revelation

I heard, I heard across the moonlit sea
The old voice warning me
"Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea"
Beware, beware of me

Daughter of the Sea - Sharm, Alison M. Sparrow


Not much is known of Colleen before her introduction to Camarilla society in 1721. She has served under two of the Camarilla's most prestigious Kindred; both Prince Roger de Camden of Edinburgh and his lover Prince Mithras of Avalon (based in London) until the Second World War when Mithras entered torpor. A fate that most of the Domain suffered that couldn't flee in time or escape Final Death.

Colleen was called to Vienna to serve the Justicar Council directly at the behest of the Red Alastor and in the modern nights acts as a harbinger to Lucinde working in close proximity to Gilbert d'Harfleur and the Lady Izabella de Castille Devereaux, though she is not a recognized archon of the Venture Justicar. She is known for being of few words, coldblooded brutality, and deadly efficiency enacting swift justice to those whom she serves dispense punishment upon and there are whispers that this temperament superseded her Embrace. Vitae merely honed this warrior into impossibly more.

It is unknown whether or not Colleen recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

After the trial of Evelynn Hastings by the Justicar Council, Colleen was sent to the Domain of New Orleans in the interim to serve the Court and the Camarilla.

After the Sacking of Atlanta by Priscus Vykos, Cardinal Polonia, and Inquisitor Vandemar; the ruling from the Camarilla came down that the Anarchs would be charged with cleaning up the mess and reclaiming the city, if they wished to maintain their independence after all, they would need to be in compliance with the stipulations founded during the Convention of Thorns. Both Az and AK agreed to lead the vanguard with Jeanette Voerman. The only Camarilla aid came in the form of Prince Ashcroft of New Orleans, his Sheriff Colleen Cormac, and his Seneschal Elyas Lazar. The Returned consisted of Andi, Aya, Cyrus, Nyx, Ollie, Rosalie and Serg also came to the aid of Atlanta taking on a Vozhd that had found it's way to the Aquarium after fighting their way through three different types of reanimated and infectious dead.