The Nights of Revelation

Scarlet once the color of sweet smelling petals.
Now drained from all scent, waiting for the bitter end.
With a low and humble bow, You are all mine now.

Preserved Roses - Blackbriar

Connor St. James is a beloved elder of Clan Toreador. Claiming direct lineage to Rafael de Corazon, the St. James line holds many well-connected and powerful members of the Camarilla; a fact expected of founder's blood as these roses most precious to the sect. Connor maintains a vice group of control both of his person and over the Domain he is responsible for. Strict and brusque to all but his clanmates, Connor's cold demeanor melts to soft almost affection to other Vanitas.

Known for being as fair as one can hope an elder Harpy to be, Connor has shown great respect to Prince Hastings. While in formal situations he is the very pinnacle of appropriate gravitas in less formal settings him and Evelynn are usually seen together enjoying the other's wit and company.

Connor first met the party on the night of the coordinated attack against the preternaturals of New Orleans, though linear timeline got a bit befuddled when he and Evelynn made their acquaintance back in 1963.

During the Apocalypse, Connor was staked and taken as a trophy by Beleth displayed in the desecrated church until the Coterie reclaimed his torpored body on the failed rescue mission of Whiskey Van Rensselaer. He was returned and then awoken from his torpor by the actions of the Donna Giovanni, at the cost of a contract to Dahlia with the vague discussion of 'owing at least twice over' for the favors. Once awoken, Connor chose to speak with the Anarch Barons, AK and Az, as the Unmoored and the Coterie headed to Lake Pontchartrain.

With time reset to 2019, Connor does not appear to hold any memory of the Apocalypse but has been informed by the party as to it's occurrence.

After the trial of Evelynn Hastings; the Justicar Council has stripped her of her title of Prince, declaring Praxis for the minimum of one moon with a replacements of the entire Court of their choosing. Because of this Connor's position of Harpy has been stripped of him and while it is known he is imprisoned somewhere in Vienna his exact whereabouts are unknown.

It has since been mentioned by Alastor Howl that Connor has been turned over to his Justicar and that Madame Guil will be holding a trial at the next Toreador Salon to determine what consequences he will face for his failures as well as charges of insubordination against Clan and Camarilla in regards to the actions of two Kindred under his watch; Nyx and the Caitiff once Toreador Rosalie.