The Nights of Revelation

A little liquor on my lips
I let him climb inside my body and held him captive in my kiss
And there's a storm you're starting now
And there's a storm you're starting now
And there's a storm you're starting
I'm a wanders, I'm a one night stand
Don't belong to no city, Don't belong to no man
I'm the violence in the pouring rain
I'm a hurricane

Hurricane - Halsey


Ekaterina Nikola Valerius Badi Shadow of the Singing Steel, Lightning Born, Twice Blessed, Unshackled from Chronos, Anathema of Malfeasance, Paramour of Ruination, Mother of Entropy, Dragonslayer, Lightbringer, Shatters the Hourglass, Star-crossed Inamorata, Friend of the Liesmith, Born on Two Legs to Luna's War Cry, Daughter of Grandfather Thunder, Called of Black Unicorn, Sworn Warrior of Volcano, Chosen of Phoenix, Alpha of the Silver Pack, and Unconquered Legend of the Garou Nation

The first person to become Unmoored in 1317, Ekaterina Badi has above all else always been a survivor. Her life before time severed her from it's grasp was simple, happy. Her kumpania was her everything and becoming a Shadow Lord was simply another way to bring her family honor and make them proud. When her local sept held a contest to become Alpha of a new pack of Cliath, Kati entered on a lark and subsequently won over a bitter Get of Fenris Ahroun. For three months she led them proudly, taking down a local Tzimisce voivode and his vozhd and szlachta with great personal vengeance. It was during this battle that her right arm was viciously injured with deep claw gashes from shoulder to elbow from the voivode Djavakhi before sending him to Final Death. It was this battle scar that was to become Kati's first fetish to Grandfather Thunder able to coat her arm and claws in lightning from the heart of the first ever thunder storm.

It was shortly after this victory that her and her pack were ambushed on a moon bridge from the Black Forest to their home caern by a cloaked man that even the spirits recoiled from. The wolves were scattered into the Umbra with a blast of energy and that last thing Kati knew was a sharp pain blooming over her eyebrow before waking in 2009. Kati took to becoming Unmoored relatively well, grateful Chelsea Watson spoke some passable Pictish (to match her own barely passable Gaelic) for serving as translator before she could learn modern English. It was then she met Grace Talbot and the pair earned a place forever in her heart when they offered not only to help her find answers but chose to follow her as their Alpha. In Grace's words 'it just felt... right'; something so different from the men that were strongarmed by the sept Alpha to follow her back when she was from and resented every second of it. The trio proceeded to have adventures of their own, eventually discovering the Fate of Kati's loved ones and pack meeting mysterious or tragic ends. Eventually it was Volcano who convinced her that the modern world needed her more than the past and that she could do more good in the here and now.

The pack soon after gained Sister and their exploits led to notorious events. Not only another slip through time, restoring Loki to his original glory by removing the witch heart from him, stopping the mad totem Google before becoming Legends. It was then Marlowe challenged for a place among them, and as always Kati couldn't help but add another to the once Pack of Outcasts and Outlaws and now Silver Pack of the Nation.

While it is not discussed outside of the Silver Pack, Kati is suffering from Harano and at times cannot escape the all-consuming misery of the derangement. As of right now she is capable of keeping it at bay but perhaps there is poetry in the only monster capable of giving this Legend pause is one in her own mind.

It is unknown whether or not Kati recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

Kati's current whereabouts are in flux as the Silver Pack have left New Orleans to aid Aya and Chiyo-shisai with the corruption spreading in the forest and threatening all of Japan.

After The Returned cleansed the old Pentex oil rig in the gulf not only of the Wyrm but the hold Green Dragon had upon it, the Silver Pack left Japan to investigate what happened at the same time members of the Sword of Caine did the same with Sascha Vykos leading the charge. Back at the caern in New Orleans, Caden took a few wolves, among them Tana, to do their own investigation; all without realizing whomever else was on the way to do the same. The outcome of that meeting was unknown for some time.

It was recently revealed that Sister, Caden, and Tana did not survive the encounter with Father's Vengeance. Part of their remains were found in the Nosferatu Warrens near Evelyn's and Serg's personal Havens. Kati was recovered by the pack sent out by Asher, though she and Ollie both remain in a coma. The surviving members of the Silver Pack are lost in the Deep Umbra.