The Nights of Revelation

All session of this game are taken from song titles. For a playlist curated by the Storyteller, you can visit Spotify.

Session 1: Bad Moon Rising:

In which the Crescent City came under fire and unlikely allies took up arms together against the coming darkness.

Session 2: All the Good Girls Go to Hell:

In which new players are added to the board, knight meets rook, and a slip through time lands the party amongst casquette girls and corrupt clergy.

Session 3: If I Die Young:

In which our unlikely allies become Unmoored through time, chasing the ghosts of the profane slain saints of Orleans and the Broken Cassandra returns to chains.

Session 4: Paint It Black:

In which the cold dead girls sing sweet the melody of The Messengers, the wayward storm wrecks havoc through a school, and sacred geometry attempt to guide The Unmoored.

Session 5: God’s Gonna Cut You Down:

In which The Unmoored from time find a good man from New Amsterdam, an ER nurse with a red cord, brought together by the sadism of The Man with the Hunting Bow.

Session 6: Hellfire:

In which The Unmoored seek answers at an ancient institute but not without losing the Fallen and the False in uneven trade.

Session 7: Devil’s Playground:

In which The Unmoored gather gifts amid the ashes of the Warlock Hive, a sunken mausoleum kept by a lone Fury, and the End Comes not with a roar but a whisper.

Session 8: John the Revelator:

In which The Unmoored seek refuge in the Court of Miracles led by it’s own long since Desolate Inquisitor.

Session 9: Cry Little Sister:

In which The Unmoored run afoul of Ma-ri-ah, a daemon is summoned from the pit, and a trip to the skeleton of an old haunt lends a desperate cry for help.

Session 10; Raise Hell:

In which The Unmoored and a mysterious coterie bound by red thread clash, the Captive Queen is lost to the Third King, and a plunge of silver and salt water send the unlikely allies into Perdition.

Session 11: Way Down We Go:

In which The Unmoored traverse the layers of Hell, sing sweet their sins, and trade a Renegade for the Morningstar.

Session 12: Welcome to Arkham:

In which The Unmoored and The Coterie escape the Garden to Lovecraft Country, crossing morgue drawers with an Underfolk, and entrusting a Roivas with precious cargo.

Session 13: Season of the Witch:

In which The Unmoored explore Arkham, crossing paths with Pater Galatea to make a bargain with the Starless Knight and his Elder Queen to set both time and soul to rights.

Session 14: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn:

In which The Unmoored and The Coterie part the Veil and engage in a deal with the Blood of R’lyeh; to reset the hourglass in exchange for the Savior Remains.

Session 15: Cupid Carries a Gun:

In which The Unmoored and The Coterie lay siege upon the cult of The King in Yellow, Arkham claims the life of another Van Rensselaer, and time returns to rights thanks to the intervention of a Whateley.

Session 16: Tear You Apart:

In which The Unmoored return from whence they came in time to defend Luna's Children, as the first thread of the Tapestry is tailored anew.

Session 17: Run Rabbit Run:

In which The Returned attempt to toss a wrench into the Apocalypse in an effort to capture the Black King with the aid of the White Queen, the prodigal son reconnects with estranged kin, and unbeknownst a piece is claimed.

Session 18: Hotel California

In which the Returned attempt a bold move with discordant choreography, a toast turns toxic, and the Masquerade shatters like so much stained glass.

Session 19: Running With the Wolves

In which the Returned seek refuge in Provincial subterranean, learn more of Pentex's machinations, and make the acquaintance of the Silver Pack.

Session 20: Demons

In which the Returned face the tribunal of the Justicar Council standing in stark contrast to the whimsical rites from a lost sister of the Silver Pack; culminating in True Faith coming face to face with The Truth.