The Nights of Revelation

I'd never tell. No, I'd never say a word.
And oh, it aches... But it feels oddly good to hurt.
And she smells like lemongrass and sleep
She tastes like apple juice and peach.
Oh, you would find her in a Polaroid picture
And she means everything to me...

She - dodie

Prince Evelynn Hastings of Orléans Parish has been a staple of the preternatural community since the mid 1800s. Most notably she was the first woman to ever hold a position in the city back in the late 1890s before claiming Praxis in 1902. Her transition of power was bloodless and unanimously backed by those in power and she has since risen to become a figure of renown both in the Camarilla and beyond. Trust that anything done in the domain Evelynn knows about, sometimes seemingly before it happens.

Through the events of the game, Evie has shown a strong connection to multiple characters, though the reasons behind such affection are known to her and her alone. Serg, Connor, Rosalie, Kit, and Madison all hold a place in her cold dead heart for vastly varied reasonings.

Thanks to the party becoming Unmoored, Evelynn has met the party "for the first time" twice, both in 1963 and 2019 and it wasn't until after they became Unmoored did the party fully understand why Eve trusted them with the care of Elysium and her people in the first time round in 2019.

During the Apocalypse, Evelynn and Cock Robin held the line, sacrificing themselves so that the Underground and as many survivors could escape. Evie did manage to leave a message for Serg, including her passcode in his haven before willingly walking into battle that ended in her Final Death.

With time reset to 2019, Evelynn does not appear to hold any memory of the Apocalypse but has been informed by the party as to it's occurrence.

Because of their intel from skipping through time, Evelynn made the decision to change the plan the second time through to instead abandon Elysium to help the Garou at the Caern. This plan was able to secure a Major Boon from Caden as well as save many lives. After this success, Whiskey suggested that they make a more ambitious move to try and capture Beleth during a charity event at the Hotel Provincial on the night they disappeared. This would lead to a quarantine and Major Masquerade breach that the consequences of led to her Trial before the Justicar Council.

After her Trail; the Justicar Council has stripped her of her title of Prince, declaring Praxis for the minimum of one moon with a replacements of the entire Court of their choosing. Evelyn's exact whereabouts are currently unknown but it has been confirmed she is being held prisoner by the council in Vienna until the further investigation and those findings determining the appropriate adjudication going forward in one moon.