The Nights of Revelation

Oh, a thousand faces staring at me
Thousand times I've fallen
Thousand voices dead at my feet
Now I'm gone, now I'm gone, now I'm gone
And my mother told me son let it be
Sold my soul to the calling
Sold my soul to a sweet melody
Now I'm gone, now I'm gone, now I'm gone
Oh give me that fire

Fire - Barns Courtney

Joseph Whateley's credentials are as varied as the gentlemen's interests and twice as atypical of his bloodline. It is often said that the Whateley Family each serve an exact purpose, some rumored to be decided before the child's conception. And while predisposition to eldritch magics seem to be a prerequisite to longterm survival, each goat of the proverbial herd has a role to fulfill. In Joseph's case, caretaker and protector. The length of time he has held such a role is a curious one; portraiture in the Whateley Estate depicting a gentleman eerily similar featured since the late 17th century.

Professor of Law at Miskatonic University and rumored connections to certain spy organizations all come second to his original calling as the bodyguard of Lavinia Whateley. The withered matriarch, though to call her that seems grossly indelicate and borderline cruel, before her passing required constant protection and care to ensure the continuation of the bloodline and it was the dedication to this vocation that convinced the Head of the Family he would be the perfect father for her replacement after Lavinia displayed characteristics of no longer being of use to the family. There was rumor of a group reincarnated souls in connection with the 1690 Cult of Nodens and the Whateleys were not about to allow another of Arkham's Founding Families secure a divine bloodline into their Lineages. The Goat Mother and Black Pharaoh had their fingerprints, if you will, in Wizard Whateley's family and the addition of an Elder God with direct ties to the True Fae was too good to pass up.

Unfortunately, it was the Bradbury Woman that threw a wrench into this long crafted plan. Though to call her such a name would be a misnomer as the being that posed as the perfect host did so with deliberate machinations. A cultist to the King in Yellow with the blood of the True Fae in her own veins "Samantha" wasted no time upon becoming pregnant to abscond away from Dunwich and the Whateley Family to Arkham. Joseph would not be a part of his own daughter's life until Becca was sixteen years old, leaving a trail of clues for the investigator to find her way to him without any interference from the cult she spent the first few formative years with.

Joseph is a doting and protective man, warm and easygoing preferring to follow like the good soldier he was trained to be than rise to command. Often taking in those 'strays' whom could benefit from a comforting paternal figure, combining gentle words of encouragement with an occasional wretched dad joke. To those that threaten his family, he is merciless and deadly, willingly sending those to the Reaper that never seems to come for the good professor.

Due to taking part in the ritual performed by Becca Whateley, Joseph possesses knowledge of the Apocalypse and the Final Nights firsthand.

It was revealed to Oli upon his questioning of Lovecraft that when she had gone missing from the Knights Templar for years she was in Arkham; having spent a great deal of time meeting and working with Becca, Robert, Rose, Joseph, and other locals trying to suss out a potential 'fold' and 'rewriting' of reality as according to Lovecraft, there are 'multiple echoes in the design of reality' and something about Arkham itself's existence in the great scheme of the cosmos.