The Nights of Revelation

There are dogs on the loose, there are snakes in the desert
I'm that knife in your boot, girl, I got ya, Girl, I got ya.
I'm your number two man in a fight.
We are revolutionaries tonight
Singing oh, oh-oh-oh, oh Trouble. Trouble.
Trouble coming in the dead of night.
Trouble making everythin' alright
It's in your blood. It's in your bones.
You cannot sleep for, You cannot sleep for...
Trouble. Trouble. Here Comes Trouble.

Trouble - Valerie Broussard

Born in May of 1921 in Poland, the woman who one day would be known by the sobriquet Kit Heartbreaker came into the world in a riotous storm. A pattern that would follow her life and subsequent existence after death; the events of her history exist as a smattering of blithe references and clever assumptions of a keen observer. Exuding a sense of calm and stalwart capability, Kit has survived hell and back from being hidden in the anarchs to her illustrious tenure as a member of the Sons and Daughters of Caine all at the heels and demands of her former 'maker' and mentor.

It was during one of her missions down south that Kit's loyalties swayed from everything she had ever known and the Templar abandoned the Cause (the consequences of which she dodges to this day) to take up Sanctuary in New Orleans under Prince Hastings.

In the Apocalypse, Kit functions as not only a leader of the Underground but a local fixer, able to get anyone anything if for a price.

With time reset to 2019, Kit does not appear to hold any memory of the Apocalypse, but has been informed by the party as to portions of it's occurrence.

After The Returned (Andi, Asher, Aya, Cyrus, Nyx, Ollie, Rosalie, and Serg) cleansed the old Pentex oil rig in the gulf not only of the Wyrm but the hold Green Dragon had upon it, Kit helped get the Court of Wisteria and those imprisoned with them back to land using Chimerstry. The same way she got Rosalie out to the rig in the first place.