The Nights of Revelation

Hey yo, let's take it to the street (word up)
Let 'em understand perfection
Let knowledge be the tool for suckers to stop guessing
Cause I don't give a fuck about radio play
Observed the English I display
Lyrics for the adults, children have been barred
Scarred from listening to suckers so muthafuking hard
Dope, pumping that so much shit will never falter

Parental Discretion Iz Advised - N.W.A

(This writeup was created by Jax.)

Linus Miguel Gutiérrez was born in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles in 1973 to Aiden and Eva Gutiérrez. While Boyle Heights is not known very well for being a wealthy neighborhood in LA, it is rich was Chicano culture and historical relevance to the city that surrounds it. Since Aiden and Eva had Linus early in life, he was also raised by his abuela (grandmother) on his father's side, Margarita Gutiérrez. Aiden enlisted in the military when he turned 18 years old, joining the Marine Corps right out of high school, when Linus was just 6 months old. Linus has few memories of his father, though he treasures the photos taken of him with Aiden before he left for boot camp, during his leave before attending SOI, and during his time before his deployment to Vietnam. That would be the last time Aiden saw home. Eva Gutiérrez would be alive for another five years before being diagnosed and quickly succumbing to breast cancer in 1978.

Linus became a disillusioned boy. He saw how the system had continued to repeatedly fail his family, and decided he would need to charge his own way. Around age 13, he started to work for White Fence, the same gang that his grandfather had been a part of. While it had been before Linus' birth, the White Fence accepted him in with open arms as a legacy member who was dedicated to their mission; to stand as a wall of protection for those who needed it the most. It was during this time that he earned the name of "AK," one, because it was agreed that "Linus" was not a name that would inspire fear, and, two, because he was particularly adept at not only wielding them but modifying AKs, as well as other rifles and pistols. He became a valuable asset when it came to selling unique merchandise, and was thus able to gain a reputation. That reputation, though, earned him a wrap sheet, and in 1994 he was arrested on a long list of federal charges. He was bounced around as the prison system went through its rehaul in the mid-1990s, and eventually ended up being sent to the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York.

For the most part, AK kept his head low while he was incarcerated, though he did take that time to make friends and connections on both sides of the law. Not much appears on him as far as paperwork is concerned after his conditional release until he pops up in parole documentation in 2003, when he dodged his parole in order to fly back home to take care of his ailing abuela. He was promptly sent back to federal jail to serve out his sentence until 2006, when he was released in 2006. For AK, there was no doubt in his mind that he had two paths in front of him: he could either struggle to find "legitimate" work, or make good of all the networking he did while he was incarcerated. With his grandmother's health conditions, he needed financial stability quickly, so he moved to Boston and started his work in organized crime there, sending her money in California while he stayed on the east coast.

His introduction to the supernatural is what made him a legend on the streets of Boston. In 2016, after AK had already established himself as a player in the Boston game, there was a sudden explosion of supernatural happenings all over the city. While he didn't know it at the time, the Sabbat were attempting a hostile takeover of the city, and, as per usual, they turned to local gangs as a means to shovelhead shock troops. AK not only defended his turf, he managed to take out several Proven members of the Sabbat that night.

Knowing that there were things that now went bump in the night, he started about finding out what else was out there to better protect his gang, his turf, and his family. He started to bridge the gap between the two worlds, significantly with the Kindred and the Changeling, who had a firm standing in Boston, while never breaching the Masquerade. In fact, he often aided in potential Masquerade breaches, so many of the supernatural communities in town came to trust him, even if the police seemed to know he was hiding more than the average "thug."

It was this trust that had him crossing paths with Ash MacDonald on several of her investigations in the city. Notably, she aided in investigating and stopping a serial killer who had targeted the wife of AK's second in command, Ro. She also quickly came to his aid on several other occasions, notably when there was an outbreak of "Ebola" that led to "rioting" in his abuela's home in South Central. Ash helped him move his family to the east coast.

It was shortly after this move that the city of Boston was assaulted by the Sabbat once more, though this time, AK was not so lucky. He was sired by a member of the Lasombra, probably in an effort to shovelhead him, but AK had, instead, sent the vampire to his Final Rest. Ash and her allies found AK in the basement of a church shortly after his Embrace, confused and bewildered, and took the time to ease his mind back into sanity. Of course he was going to take it poorly when, while accompanying her on a case, he witnessed her being dosed with a deadly cocktail of drugs. Despite the objections of those present, he Embraced her right then and there.

AK himself didn't subscribe to the Camarilla lifestyle, and it was only natural for Ash to fall into the same line of thought. The Prince of Boston, while friends and allies with both AK and Az, was having a hard time justifying letting the pair of Lasombra stay without claiming any sort of allegiance to the Camarilla. Some people had their doubts about AK when he was first Embraced, considering he was turned by the Sabbat, and while he had been allowed to stay by himself, Embracing another Lasombra so soon, and without permission, put the Prince in a delicate place politically. So Az and AK did their old friend a favor; they left town.

Since then, the two of them quickly made a name for themselves among the Anarchs. They quickly became inseparable, bonded to each other more than just the shared blood in their veins. While it is true that the bond between is Sire and Childe, something new blossomed as they took over the Eastern Seaboard. While AK was already setting himself up as a up-and-coming leader, Az proved herself to be a true queen. Together, they danced down the Atlantic coast, unifying others under the banner of freedom and individuality. When his fellow Anarchs started calling her Baroness to his Baron, he couldn't have been happier. The two are rarely far from each other, joined at the hip as well as the red-thread of fate.

It is unknown whether or not AK recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

After the Sacking of Atlanta by Priscus Vykos, Cardinal Polonia, and Inquisitor Vandemar; the ruling from the Camarilla came down that the Anarchs would be charged with cleaning up the mess and reclaiming the city, if they wished to maintain their independence after all, they would need to be in compliance with the stipulations founded during the Convention of Thorns. Both Az and AK agreed to lead the vanguard with Jeanette Voerman. The only Camarilla aid came in the form of Prince Ashcroft of New Orleans, his Sheriff Colleen Cormac, and his Seneschal Elyas Lazar. The Returned consisted of Andi, Aya, Cyrus, Nyx, Ollie, Rosalie and Serg also came to the aid of Atlanta taking on a Vozhd that had found it's way to the Aquarium after fighting their way through three different types of reanimated and infectious dead.