The Nights of Revelation

Cus I'm a fly chick
I buy my own kicks
And like a light switch
You can turn me on
Cus you gotta be sweet if you want my honey
Gotta beware if you want my heart
Only a king deserves my lovin
Uh oh oh, you know
Better believe that I'm independent
Better behave when you say my name
Cus I'm a queen when the camera's flashin
Uh oh oh, you know oh
I'm a queen bee

Queen Bee - Rochelle Diamante


(TW: The content of Lovecraft's backstory involves potentially triggering content including vague allusions towards the following: postpartum depression, religious trauma, su*cide & su*cide ideation, child endangerment, ab*se, alcoholism, murder. Nothing in this background will go into detail but please be aware and tread lightly.)

The youngest of the Order, [redacted] was the only child of Echo and Austen Maldonado though she was not long in this world before her mother took her leave of it. And while any other organization may have been kinder to someone who battled with postpartum depression but considering they were the arm of the church, Austen's contributions to the Order were struck and her husband paid the price of her 'sin'. The isolation drove Echo to become as his namesake and the man found himself more oft than not at the bottom of a bottle. It was the other Order members that helped raise the Foundling and while she showed passion and interest in becoming a Templar at the end it was her skill as not only a polyglot but her eidetic memory that guaranteed her entrance into the Scribes.

Her author was a deliberate choice and unlike most of the others it was outright hatred and spite for the man that caused Lovecraft's binding to his name and memorization not of one of H.P.'s stories but his complete works including branching out into others that wrote in his centralized mythos. It was a way for Lovecraft to assign reason to not only the tragedy of her mother's death, her father's abandonment and episodes of lashing out at her in a drunken stupor, and a way to focus on the occult with the church's approval. Her Graduation at fifteen was a bittersweet milestone that marked something the Order wasn't entirely ready to accept; being the youngest and what with the nigh certain outcome of a young death as opposed to living long enough to settle down let alone having a family coupled with almost no outsider interest in joining the organization, Lovecraft had the pressure of the future of the Order weighing on her shoulders. That pressure coupled with her home life, it was only a matter of time before some tragedy struck.

And tragic it was when Echo Maldonado had his accident only days after his daughter's thirteenth birthday. It was lucky that Charlie was nearby, but even he couldn't stop what happened. It was ruled that when Lovecraft and Echo were heading to their quarters after mass, Echo in a drunken haze misstepped and tumbled down the old stone flight of stairs. It was the landing that stopped his fall, but the man had gone to his eternal rest before his body came to a stop. The fate of the foundling was in the air until Charlie took the girl on as his ward, and Lovecraft immediately latched onto both him and his twin sister Whiskey doing everything in her power over the next three years to make them proud.

It was in May 2016 that Lovecraft was sent to Marblehead, MA to investigate for the Order, a decision made without the twins knowledge or approval. It wasn't until she was already dispatched that Charlie was informed and even then it was after the young Rex had searched the compound top to bottom in a panic. What happened to Lovecraft from this point is muddled, eventually finding her way outside of Yamanashi Prefecture where she eventually met up with Aya Tsukinoko and the pair began to travel together to try and find a way to fix what the apocalypse had summoned and corrupted. The pair eventually met up with The Coterie and The Unmoored in Arkham being chased by a pack of Black Spiral Dancers.

Due to taking part in the ritual performed by Becca Whateley, Lovecraft possesses knowledge of the Apocalypse and the Final Nights firsthand. In the reset timeline, Lovecraft is in New Orleans and after chasing down Lucifer and Whiskey. She spent some time acting as a guard for Prince Hastings and was temporarily taken into custody when Evelyn was taken before the Justicar Council though through her position in the Scribes was released with sincere apologies.

Currently Byron (and therefore Beleth) are being held captive and watched over by Lovecraft, Lucifer, and Whiskey at Oliver's request.

After the exorcism at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Beleth has been cast out of Byron and is presumably returned to the Pit.

It was revealed to Oli upon his questioning of Lovecraft that when she had gone missing from the Knights Templar for years she was in Arkham; having spent a great deal of time meeting and working with Becca, Robert, Rose, Joseph, and other locals trying to suss out a potential 'fold' and 'rewriting' of reality as according to Lovecraft, there are 'multiple echoes in the design of reality' and something about Arkham itself's existence in the great scheme of the cosmos.

It was mentioned by Lovecraft that there was another few series of serial killings in Dunwich, MA (The Hinterland Murders), Thornapple Valley, CT (The Fiend Murders), and Kingsport, MA (The Apocrypha Murders) that all held similarities and 'temporal existential folds' and more about the 'multiple echoes in the design of reality' that she spent years researching after disappearing from the Knights Templar a few years back. The possible connections to William Holloway beyond his sadistic and murderous predilection are currently unknown.