The Nights of Revelation

Take my eyes, take them aside
Take my face, and desecrate
My arms and legs
They get in the way
And take my hands, they'll understand
Take my heart, pull it apart
And take my brain, or what remains
And throw it all away

Body - Mother Mother


The Spiritual Leader of Prime and the Elder set in place by Harold Zettler; Mother Verity is a Prophet of the One True Angel and teaches the Ways to her flock with the Legion serving as her right hand. The Way is True and the Long Nights are coming, where only the righteous whose blood is free of The Corruption will transcend, a homecoming into the hands of the One True Angel.

The Wormwood has Risen! The End is Upon Us! Praise the One True Angel! For the Glory of Our Father!

After the battle against The Returned over The Milkling Prime Experiment, some of the Legion and one of the masques of Mother Verity have been lost. Slain in glorious sacrifice in service to the One True Angel. May the Sword and the Father know of their deeds and their enemies fear the retribution alight on swift wings heralding their doom!