The Nights of Revelation

Make me your wife, your one and only
I'll give you everything you need
I'll give you sons, I'll give you glory
For I was born to be your Queen
Oh, watch me rise, I'm never coming down
In time they'll love and honour me
I'll prove them wrong and I will earn my crown
For I was born to be your Queen

Born to Be Your Queen - Karilene

17th Century Arkham[]

Rebecca Bradbury was a figure of late 17th century Arkham that much to the frustrations of her enemies, refuses to lay down and die. To tell this Twice Born story requires a brief sojourn to the early days of Arkham when Rebecca was the daughter of Governor Bradbury. Hand raised by her father, the female star spawn never quite fit into the era's assumptions and insinuations of her gender or humanity as a whole. Her first of many crimes was her attending law school under the guise of 'Sebastian Thorne', a masquerade that worked until a fellow student by the name of Thomas saw clean through her disguise in early October 1698. The pair struck up as close to a 'friendship' as she could manage, introducing her to his roommate Phillip and the pair of them helped Becca narrowly dodge an attempted engagement to David Ambrose at the behest of his father and local vicar, instead convincing David to run off with a fellow acquaintance named Sarah Goode. It was at this ball that Rebecca, Phillip, and Thomas stumbled onto a grisly blood filled fountain; unknowingly to the three of them until the modern nights was the scene what remained of David after his murder at the hands of the eldritch creature they knew as Sarah.

It was trying to investigate this event that led the trio to the Roivas Estate, as the current Lord of the Manor was a dear friend of Joseph Bradbury. Arthur Roivas had been as an uncle figure to Becca and despite his brief lapses of fugue had a mind more brilliant than any of his compatriots at the time. It was at this time the fourth and final Founding Member of what would become the Cult of Nodens met the trio. Robert Roivas, son of Maximillian and nephew to Arthur, had recently come to stay with both his parents and newly born twin siblings. The first encounter was anything if not awkward, Robert immediately disliking the three of them and writing them off as eccentrics at best.

Over the next three weeks various preternatural events brought the four of them together at first in an effort to parse out what madness was building to Samhain. Horrific undead scarecrows, the Miskatonic leading Becca to her first encounter with the Black Sarcophagus, fertility poles complete with murderous bacchanalia; it was the attempted summoning of The King in Yellow by his High Priest Preacher Ambrose that lead Becca to make a life altering decision. When one is facing the threat of an unstoppable force one requires a greater threat as an ally; and it was this familiar line of thinking to 'get a bigger gun' that led to the group pledging themselves to Nodens with Becca as his High Priestess. The deal was struck with Becca agreeing to be godspoused and vessel to his lesser god offspring and Robert as his mortal host as Nodens worship was woefully under practiced at the time. It would give Becca extra borrowed time as her mortal body was reaching it's limits due to the circumstances of her birth.

The next few years were brutal and heartbreaking; Thomas at one point losing his head and becoming an undead servant of the goddess Hel, the first of many run-ins with Cotton Mather whose own investigations into the Dagonspawn somnambulists, but it was his father Increase Mather that proved to be the first of Becca's more persistent foils. Despite his son's high opinion of the young miss, Increase was convinced rightfully so of Becca's inhuman predilections. And while she was able to convince his son that she was a 'goode cunning woman', Increase had no qualms detaining the now pregnant witch. It was in his custody that Becca and Dahlia, both under suspicion of witchcraft, bonded in captivity. All the while Becca promising that they would be free and people were coming for her and therefore both of them soon. Being held by Increase Mather on suspect of witchcraft and heresy was often attributed to a fate worse than death and when the cult did come for them the ensuing chaos the women were separated with a one John Alden at both their heels and Becca having to go into protective isolation until her twins were born.

It was after weaning the boys that Becca's body could no longer sustain itself and she was the first of the Cult of Nodens to die, though each was more heartbreaking after the other. Thomas's reanimated body eventually fell apart, Phillip after a heated argument with Robert took off into the woods and was butchered by the Goat Mother and her spawn, and Robert was left with the responsibility of continuing his family line and after his son's eighteenth birthday followed his loved ones into the hereafter. But it was their service to Nodens that the Cult was given a second chance and reward for their dedication and faith, though it could be argued by some it may have been his attempts at making sure he had his strongest warriors for the End Times, that the Cult of Nodens was reincarnated.

Modern Nights[]

The Rebecca of the modern nights has a more brutal background, the details of which kept close to her chest. The first five years of her life was spent being raised by 'Samantha Bradbury' and the cult of The King in Yellow and the horrors she survived in their care left soul deep scars. It was at the age of five she escaped her home and ran into David Ambrose and the young boy immediately befriended the feral child and brought her home to his parents. The Ambroses took in the malnourished and mute child, and David immediately became her comfort person. She did not utter a word in English until she was ten, though David always seemed to understand what the whines, growls, bites, and occasional beeps meant perfectly. It was when she was sixteen that once more they crossed paths with Robert who had moved from overseas to Arkham that the group's memories came flooding back. And with it came the old nightmares, long waiting foes, and new problems.

The next few years were an echo with albeit significantly better outcomes than their original legacy in the 17th century. Even down to how their cult once four strong now had a sizable population in the city, including the Ambroses themselves. And while it took some time before Thomas and Phillip were returned to them (the first for a short period of time in a descendant hellbent on causing problems and the latter returning to sanity and humanity after losing both to the metamorphosis into an old blood god of the wood and hunt), it seemed as though things were looking up. David and Robert went through chrysalis first to become sidhe, Becca following shortly thereafter. All things it seem would come back in verse like the melody of their story; Becca falling pregnant once more, the cult of the King in Yellow attempting to summon their god, even Increase Mather back from the dead and imbued with some kind of infernal power, and the return of not only her father into her life but both her 'Uncle' Wizard Whateley and Arthur Roivas as ghosts of loved ones long since past.

While it was never her intent, Becca inadvertently fell into a position of power in Changeling society; though it was gaining her title that gave her enemies in the Fae Courts the final push to make a move against her. It was during the reception of her wedding that they struck, butchering most of the wedding party, capturing the rest, and imprisoning her in the Black Sarcophagus in what they thought would be sacrifice. When Becca emerged from within three months later as something more than mortal that the reckoning long overdue fell upon their heads.

During the Apocalypse[]

Between her own might and that of Nodens that 'Lovecraft Country' was spared the brunt of the Ever Winter when the Gates to Arcadia opened. Through the actions of The Coterie and The Unmoored, a deal was struck. The remains of those that did not survive the Final Nights were returned to her (David, her infant twin daughters, Wizard, and Lavinia) as well as a promise to bring aid to Arkham down the road in exchange for Becca using her dominion over the Realm of Time to send them back to the moment everything began in the hopes of stopping what all transpired. As of the events of Episode Fifteen: 'Cupid Carries a Gun' the party was returned to Elysium in New Orleans seen in Episode One: 'Bad Moon Rising'.

It was revealed to Ollie upon his questioning of Lovecraft that when she had gone missing from the Knights Templar for years she was in Arkham; having spent a great deal of time meeting and working with Becca, Robert, Rose, Joseph, and other locals trying to suss out a potential 'fold' and 'rewriting' of reality as according to Lovecraft, there are 'multiple echoes in the design of reality' and something about Arkham itself's existence in the great scheme of the cosmos.

As it was her ritual, Becca possesses knowledge of the Apocalypse and the Final Nights firsthand.

After Rosalie got in contact with Becca, letting her know that the group was in the area, Kingsport in particular, chasing leads on the various murders in connection with Liam Holloway Becca mentioned she was sending 'one of hers by'. The name or individual in question unknown at this time.