The Nights of Revelation

Now it's like I'm on a mission
Headed everywhere
And if it takes a little long
And it feels a little wrong, who cares?
My baby fits the description
And does it easily
A little Gable, some Astaire
When he dances I can hardly breathe
Someone call a doctor
I need some help to rescue me
One second I'm thinkin' I must be lost
And he keeps on findin' me

That Man - Caro Emerald

The first female graduate of Miskatonic University with a medical degree (with a dual specialty in neurology and psychology), Rozalynn dedicated her life towards her family legacy. Raised by her grandmother, Alexandra 'Ali' Roivas, and her father, Dr. Edward Roivas; Rose spent her formative years either at her father's side as his small intern-in-training or reading to her grandmother in the Roivas Manor's library. She refused to simply go into nursing, insisting that she would be a doctor like her father and through her scholastic career excelled in all of her studies.

Like all of her bloodline, Rose could not avoid the Mythos forever and took up her duty to protect both Arkham and the family line without hesitation. Her and her loved ones story has it's own place in the timeline of Arkham and it's denizens but eventually after the birth of her daughter Alex (so named after her maternal great-grandmother) Rozalynn succumbed to a vampire attack and was Embraced in late 1984.

Over the last few decades Dr. Roivas has become an important member of the Camarilla and while she is colloquially called the 'Prince' of Arkham, the actual position she holds is Seneschal to the Prince of the North Shore a one August Howell.

During the Apocalypse, Dr. Roivas met the members of the Unmoored and the Coterie in the morgue of Danvers State Hospital and whilst the party continued their investigation she kept watch over the unconscious bodies of Lucifer and Serafina.

It is unknown whether or not Dr. Roivas recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

It was revealed to Oli upon his questioning of Lovecraft that when she had gone missing from the Knights Templar for years she was in Arkham; having spent a great deal of time meeting and working with Becca, Robert, Rose, Joseph, and other locals trying to suss out a potential 'fold' and 'rewriting' of reality as according to Lovecraft, there are 'multiple echoes in the design of reality' and something about Arkham itself's existence in the great scheme of the cosmos.