The Nights of Revelation

One. Two. Three.
And the Lord set a mark upon Cain
One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight
Look upon the wreck, stood upon the land,
Blood in my footprints, gun in my hand,
Gun in my hand, carved in my arm,
The Mark of Cain, one eight one six
Murder be thy name, murder be thy name, murder be thy name.
I'm always walking as somebody else...

I'm Always Walking As Somebody Else - American Murder Song

  • "I will not make the mistakes my progenitors have made. I will not choose fear or ignorance. I will not cower in terror of myself, of who and what I am. I will not hate myself, nor reject myself. I am [redacted] Vykos, and one night, the world shall know me for what I truly am." - an excerpt from the journal of Sascha Vykos

An androgynous, non binary individual – a Noddist scholar, Tzimisce scientist and Cainite monster – Sascha has long been a staunch supporter of Sabbat freedom, and acts as its chief torturer.

A musician with a scalpel, Sascha understands the nuances of every physical sensation and the nerves best suited to receive its ministrations. They are also a creature of learning, with a collection of books and artifacts to humble the halls of all academia. Sascha is a monster beyond their own years. Few could ever understand the grand schemes of the Sabbat's ronin Priscus.

Sascha is an alien beauty. Their limbs are long, slender and graceful, but they move with power. Their face is like a work by Michelangelo, perfect and flawless in form. Not even the master artist could capture Sascha's cruel countenance, however. The network of scars, tattoos and piercings that cover their androgynous form only add to Sascha's enigmatic beauty. What appear to be thin, black tattoos on their body are skin clefts that open like a babe's toothless mouth. Sascha's skill with Vicissitude allows them to speak through the mouths as well, creating a chorus of their voice to unnerve even the most strong-willed opponent. Sascha displays these marks like trophies, sometimes stroking them with tenderness. Sascha's most compelling feature, however, is their eyes. They watch everything around them the way a coroner dissects a cadaver. They never blink or look away; They simply stare.

It is unknown whether or not Sascha recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

Despite leaving The Milkling Prime Experiment in the hands of their templar and paladins, Mother Verity and a unit of Legion, the Returned were able to destroy countless years of priceless koldunic and medical work when they desecrated and freed the Milkling test subjects and required subsequent emergency resources being dispatched to collect the Sword's surviving assets. Something that the Silver Pack consisting of Kati, Chelsea, Grace, Marlowe, and Sister as well as a few other wolves of little consequence including Caden and Tana thought to interrupt. The outcome of that meeting is currently unknown.

But not before The Sword of Caine’s righteous reclamation of the city of Atlanta. Which came as a joint effort from a partnership between the Angel and Talon of Caine in their service both to the Sword but an alliance with the Voltagabbana Giovanni after La Rottura di Giuda.

  • (Storyteller Note: Both Sascha and the storyteller are non binary folx that use She/They pronouns interchangeably. The ST will never be referring to Sascha by their former pronouns and expects all players to be respectful in and out of game towards them. Villainous characters deserve respect regardless of their actions and any violation of this will result in immediate removal from the table. It is therefore suggested to refrain from looking up any information about this canon character in any Vampire: the Masquerade or White Wolf official material as it frankly does not handle this matter and Sascha's identity with the gravitas and respect they deserve.)