The Nights of Revelation

Wipe the golden tear from your mother, dear, and raise what’s left of the flag for me.


Before the Apocalypse[]

Seamus Mulcahy was born in 1937 to Michial and Cara Mulcahy in Belfast, Ireland. He had and older sister Maebh and a younger sister Eithne.

Seamus was a rebel, for lack of a better word, and fell in with the Provisional Irish Republican Army during The Troubles. He had a love interest, Aine, and a good friend, Liam, but they often remarked that his desire for the whole of Ireland to be free from British rule and influence was stronger than any relationship. That may or may not have been true, as Seamus also found himself drawn to the punk scene of the late 60s and early 70s.

Seamus was a good soldier, always ready for a fight if necessary and often reading the works of Michael Collins. He was also a good Catholic, if only for the sake of his mother, but despite his personal doubts he found a comfort and solace in the Church.

However, as is true with many young idealists, one day things went wrong and Seamus found himself dead – beginning his second life as a wraith. He floated among the pubs and scenes of Dublin for years until Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005. Where others saw devastation, Seamus saw opportunity: an opportunity to build something new, something better, something that had eluded him in Dublin.

He boarded a plane and discovered a fear of heights, but he made it through. He spent the next decade or so wandering the city, drinking in the booze and religious atmosphere permeating the low country, never quite finding his footing among the movers and shakers that got things done.

One September day in 2019 found Seamus in Elysium asking for a whiskey and getting some of the best homemade stuff he’d ever taken. He was interrupted from his bliss by a group of interlopers showing off a camera and offering him beignets.

An Apocalypse Begins[]

Somehow, Seamus found himself following the group outside and into the city, where they were almost immediately attacked by a group of poppets. The party attacked, and Seamus made use of his brass knuckles to break one of them nearly in half.

The party made its way to Oliver (a werewolf)’s caern, taking a trolley part of the way there. The trolley man had a selection of music; Seamus chose Bad Moon Rising.

The caern itself had been attacked, with many of the cubs killed or injured by creatures resembling La Lorona.

Returning to Elysium, the party encountered a rather goopy-looking woman. The party fought back, and this time Seamus ducked inside and came out with a sawed-off shotgun firing rounds of salt and silver. The woman was defeated, but in so doing black blood got onto Seamus, Nyx, and Delilah, causing all of them to appear more . . . lifelike. Elizabeth appeared trapped in a trance-like nightmare.

The party retreated to Ollie’s room at the Hotel Provincial, leaving Delilah and Elizabeth in his room and going up to the roof to examine the water tower, which Ollie determined to be corrupted by the wyrm.

Unmoored in Time[]

What followed was a series of events in which it became apparent that the various members of the party were involuntarily slipping through time.

Exploring a nearby Chantry, the party discovered and talked to one Amelie, one of the “casket girls” of New Orleans. Bu going downstairs, the party found themselves in . . .

1967, witnessing a botched exorcism, which in turn led to the group investigating a series of murders based on Catholic Saints and Sacred Geometry.

The group found themselves exploring the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, where Seamus saw a shimmer ing thread of life. Pulling on it, the ground was drawn to a hospital, which had apparently been having quite the night.

Whiskey healed a kid, while another who was doing the best/worst impression of St. Sebastian ever was brought in.

Nyx, Oliver, and Elizabeth all helped heal him as well, while Seamus went to examine the ambulance he was brought in. Using a flask of whiskey as a bribe and distraction, he recovered a backpack full of photography equipment.

It belonged to the boy, Malcom. Among the photographs was a picture of a man who looked like Seamus’ friend Liam, but the man was younger and lacked a distinctive scar on his face. Malcom, it became apparent, was from 2020.

it was decided to check out the local university library in hopes of gaining more information. The building was on lockdown, but Ollie was able to talk to the spirits in the security system to let everyone inside.

In the basement, Seamus and some of the others found references to one Pamela Wilson, who disappeared in 1969.

The party regrouped, but Serg, Whiskey, and Delilah were missing. Hearing sirens in the distance, the group decided to check it out and found themselves several blocks away.

Entering a suspicious building, they encountered an Elder, which was quickly dispatched by Serg, Rosalie, and Nyx.

Seamus found some shiny silver throwing daggers.

Exploring the bayou with Corey, who Whiskey had healed in the hiospital, they found a sunken mausoleum. Seamus stayed outside to guard the pontoon boat while the others went inside.

As they left, the boat was attacked and everyone was thrown into the water.

They successfully fought off their attackers and managed to right the boat, returning to NOLA.

However, things had changed. Met by Asher, a cub from the caern, it was revealed the party had made yet another jumpt in time: forward one year into the End of Days.

In the End of Days

Asher led the group underground to safety. In exchange for helping a local named Kit go on patrol, she offered to help the group resuppl;y.

However, things went terribly wrong and they were spotted by Black Mary, and in their haste to escape Seamus and Nyx almost fell into a fiery chasm.

However, the group managed to escape (while Serg and Kit killed Mary Black). Upon returning, the patty had been sent a videotape message. The others went off to confer and investigate, leaving Nyx and Seamus to help Kit catalogue her supplies. It was also here they were introduced to one Andi Pachet.

After some tense moments with a few vampires, sirens were heard, and Nyx and Seamus followed Andi outside only to see a rip in reality deposit four people, one of whom was carrying a body.

With the Coterie[]

The largest of the group almost immediately attacked Seamus unprovoked, burning away his bodily form he’d had since the alley and causing him to drop his shotgun, which the assailant picked up.

Nyx was shocked to see the body being carried was that of Connor, whom she had met/seen in Elysium.

Going back underground, one of the new arrivals, a woman in red, shut the doors, effectively locking Nyx and Seamus in with them. They then immediately bergan accusing the pair of causing everything bad that had happened the previous year, including - somehow - the abduction of Whiskey by a demon named Beleth.

The party “introduced” themselves as The Coterie: Dalia, Charlie, Vic, and Seraphina. Vic in particulr expressed a unquenchable, unexplained hatred for Seamus.

Against Seamus’ advice, Nyx made a deal with Dalia to save Connor’s life.

Essentially taking Nyx and Seamus hostage, The Coterie took them to Lake Pontchartrain, where a necromantic passage was opened into Hell.

The First Circle: Limbo

Seamus was not punished in this circle.

The Second Circle: Lust
Seamus was not punished in this circle

The Third Circle: Gluttony

Seamus, Vic, and Dalia were seated at a pub, where they would have remained for all eternity if not for the help of the others. Andi was the only one to help Seamus, which he did not forget.

The Fourth Circle: Greed

Dalia, Seamus, and Charlie found themselves tempted by a mummy-eating party. Why Seamus was punished in this round remains a mystery. He is well aware of his own faults, of which there are many, but greed isn’t one of them.

The Fifth Circle: Anger

Charlie, Seamus, and Andi found themselves in a torch-lit city at the time of an assassination.

The Sixth Circle: Heresy

Dalia, Seraphina, and Nyx found themselves in the Salem Witch Trials. The rest of the party, including Seamus, rescued them.

The Seventh Circle: Violence

Andi, Charlie, and Seamus found themselves in a WWI battlefield .Andi helped Seamus avoid mortar fire, and the group escaped by following a medic down a trench.

The Eighth Circle: Fraud

The party was tasked with saving Vic and Seraphina from what appeared to be medieval Italy.

The Ninth Circle: Treachery

It becomes clear that the Coterie intends to free Lucifer Morningstar. Charlie needs a blood sacrifice. Realizing that the Coterie would rather keep Nyx around due to her “deal”, and coming to the conclusion that none of them would be sacrificing themselves, Seamus “volunteered” to be the sacrifice.

With a few lines from MCR’s Mama

So raise your glass on high for tomorrow we die/ and return from the ashes you call

Seamus took Lucifer’s place in the cage.

What will happen if events are put right and he is let out remains to be seen . . .