The Nights of Revelation

Insane, inside the danger gets me high
Can't help myself got secrets I can't tell
I love the smell of gasoline
I light the match to taste the heat
I've always liked to play with fire

Play With Fire - Sam Tinnesz feat. Yacht Money


Sebastian Giovanni, the eldest child of Baldesar Rossellini and Eleonora Giovanni, nephew of Rosaura Rossellini and Ignazio Giovanni, and older brother to Serafina Giovanni; Bastian has been her shadow since before the pair were Embraced. While their actual ages are unknown, Bast and Fi have both mentioned in passing that he is six years her senior, though the age gap that bridges between them seems of no consequence after enough decades. Unlike his sister, Bastian is not touched by death the same way as her and in fact can mingle with human society without too much trouble. Even his accent has long since softened when in comparison to his baby sister and whereas she is consummate control, he is the disarming charm. They were Embraced only a few days apart, albeit under different circumstances after both were held on suspicion of witchcraft, heresy, treason, challenges to authority, scalacious agency, and incest. Crimes that he remarkably didn't commit save often challenging Diego Giovanni's reasonings more often than a ghoul rightly should.

In regards to the Family business, Sebastian serves as Consigliere to his sister and has focused on personally vetting and approving any enforcers and their actions before they're allowed to be made. Always the opposite side of the coin to his sister, Skinlands to Shadowlands and physical capability to necromancy.

During the early days of the Apocalypse when they were still separated from Vic, Charlie, and Dahlia; Sebastian was murdered in front of his sister. His last act was to push her into the Shadowlands before Sebastian met Final Death via decapitation by Sascha Vykos. But thanks to his quick action, he was able to spare her life and give her time to escape.

Due to having his name added to the ritual performed by Becca Whateley, Bastian possesses knowledge of the Apocalypse and the Final Nights firsthand. With time reset to before he asked, Sebastian Giovanni is once more among the living... so to speak.

Whilst investigating Malcolm Pickman the party used the Giovanni haven outside of New Orleans proper to do some research in the Farady Cage. Andi, Ollie, Cyrus, and Nyx were welcolmed to come by whenever, and the various major players in organized crime there for the weekly poker game offered to deal them in should they come by again.

During the Betrayal of La Rottura di Giuda; Sebastian and Serafina have sided with the Crepuscolo Giovanni. As such they had no part in the Sacking of Atlanta by Priscus Vykos, Cardinal Polonia, and Inquisitor Vandemar and are dealing with a civil war within their clan. Surprisingly this split was not precisely between the unico sangue and doppio sangue but between those whom willingly sought out the Sabbat to join their crusade for Caine, though the old biases still hold.