The Nights of Revelation

There's a ribbon 'round my neck and it's red, It's red.
Sweeter than the liquid that I bled, I bled.
Heaven ain't a place you forget, forget.
When there's hell to pay
You'll be screaming our names.
Goddess, Goddess, Baby boy is fuckin' with a Goddess,
Goddess, Goddess, Baby boy is mother fucking godless,

Fuckin' with a Goddess, Goddess.
And the bitch bites back
I'd love it if you're honest, honest. But it ain't like that
Boy now you're the one who's godless.
Am I scaring you yet?

Goddess - Xana


Serafina Giovanni; the youngest child of Baldesar Rossellini and Eleonora Giovanni, niece of Rosaura Rossellini and Ignazio Giovanni, and younger sister to Sebastian Giovanni came into this world during a long and stormy spring night. It is unknown how old the Donna truly is, though she distinctly appears to have been Embraced in either her late teens or early twenties. She is rarely alone; the most common companions being Vic Giovanni, Dahlia, Charlie van Rensselaer, and before the End of Days her brother Bastian. Her voice is enthralling, her poise akin to a blessing from Eros, pale blue eyes critical ever moving, and her lips always stained with a deep blood red sheen. All this gifting her with an unnatural loveliness often compared to the Incorrupt Saint stories spoken of in Catholic recounted lore and distinctly more than mortal.

She is unassuming in stature, with haute couture as her armor and the punctuation of her heels and cane announcing her presence before her entrance proper whenever it suits her. The reputation that proceeds her is one of cautionary nature as the Donna has been known to rip the soul out of the rude without so much as a warning or micro expression of impropriety. Deals with her are known to be able to gift anyone their heart's most desired; as long as payment is discussed upfront and as of the last half century or so, signed in blood as well to her coterie mate's Black Book.

Stories of her exploits never quite fit how she displays herself and full of contradictions; ranging from her raising the entirety of the dead beneath the New Haven green to hold the line singlehandedly against an outright invasion of five Sabbat packs with a cavalry of Tzimisce war ghouls led by then Archbishop Devareaux to another rumor of her being the beloved paramour of now Cardinal Polonia much to Priscus Vykos's ire. It was the Wraiths of Boston that gave her the epithet of The Lamia Apostate after her and Bastian repaired the veil between the Skinlands and Shadowlands that had been ripped asunder, later co-opted by the Earthbound after helping to defeat the demon 'President' Valac. (Of note; for landing the killing blow and for her aid in the battle Serafina was gifted dominion over what to do with the Earthbound demon, and Valac and his host were last seen when both she and her brother left with the unconscious possession victim)

While her territory is based in Northern Italy, (extending from northernmost Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia-Guilia, and Lombardy to Tuscany, Umbria, and Marche as well as everything in between) the Donna travels frequently and is somehow able to traverse the globe with a preternatural alacrity. Most commonly since some point in 1962, Serafina has spent the majority of her time in New Orleans and has gotten involved in all matters of the Famiglia with brutal efficiency. Her reputation in mortal society is an ironically kindred spirit to that of her vampiric nature; as the Domina is known for being an open and extremely high end Domme and proud sex worker with no patience for arrogance or smart aleck mouths.

One does not wish to idly catch the attention of Serafina Giovanni, less so her ire, and woe be to any foolish enough to mark her as an enemy.

Most recently, Serafina and the Coterie crossed paths with some of the Unmoored, and after a blood signed deal the group set off to Hell to gain an ally. The portal being opened by Serafina, after plunging a silver dagger into her heart and falling backwards into the water landing them all at the shore of Purgatory. After descending through the levels of Hell, Serafina took part in helping to free Lucifer Morningstar from his cage. After traversing through the destroyed garden and desert, the party used a hellmouth to return to the mortal plane. However upon entering the Skinlands in Arkham, Fi was unconscious and left in the care of Dr. Rozalynn Roivas. Though she spent most of the time in Arkham unconscious, she was able to take part in the seance to contact those whose remains they were attempting to retrieve as well as Dr. Madison Black. She was one of the group that went to retrieve the Whateley, Ambrose, and Roivas remains for Rebecca Whateley.

Due to taking part in the ritual performed by Becca Whateley, Serafina possesses knowledge of the Apocalypse and the Final Nights firsthand.

Fi recently sent Charlie with a series of gifts for the party, whatever the reasons kept close to her chest but with the excuse that she missed her black card so.

During the Betrayal of La Rottura di Giuda; Sebastian and Serafina have sided with the Crepuscolo Giovanni. As such they had no part in the Sacking of Atlanta by Priscus Vykos, Cardinal Polonia, and Inquisitor Vandemar and are dealing with a civil war within their clan. Surprisingly this split was not precisely between the unico sangue and doppio sangue but between those whom willingly sought out the Sabbat to join their crusade for Caine, though the old biases still hold.