The Nights of Revelation

I'm no more a sinner than any man here
I'm no less a saint than the priest at God's ear
But now I am snared they will punish me well
With a ladder to Heaven and a rope down to Hell

Will there no mercy be for a boy led adrift
By the feel of warm lips or the flash of a shift
Well if he who'd pass judgement knows nothing of lust
Then he who'd pass judgement's no man I would trust

Heaven and Hell - Let's Play Dead


Born September 25th, 1840 Eliza Ann Smith has gone by far too many names and known far too many horrors of the world. The first of five children her formative years were focused on her father's military service and alcohol at an early age became a comfort. While she had a job as a domestic, not even her husband or children could help keep her from her fate; if anything the birth of her son John and the cost of his medical care and the death of her daughter Emily pushed her further to sorrow and drink. And while her separation was mutually agreed upon, Annie took the loss of custody of her remaining daughter to her husband hard. Relocating to Whitechapel was her only option and it was soon thereafter she was informed of her husband's passing on Christmas Day 1886 whilst living in one of the common houses from her brother-in-law. It didn't matter what she attempted for work as nothing was ever stable enough to keep a roof over her head until she became one of the Jennys of the row.

It was sometime after 5:00AM on September 8th, 1888 that Dark Anne Chapman fell victim as the second canonical victims of Jack the Ripper and her life in mortal society came to an end. Were it not for the quick actions of her sire, Annie's story would have simply ended there but like many Malkavians it was on a mortuary table where she was reborn. Jenny of Whitechapel, Sweet Jenny, Mad Jenny; another silken strand of the Cobweb woven into the tapestry of the clan.

Mostly keeping to herself for her formative years as a Kindred it was her connection to her sire Anatole and Lucita that got her on the radar of Camarilla politics. After the diablerie of the last Malkavian Justicar at the fangs of Dr. Viktor Vandemar, The Marzanna ascended to the position and with it chose Jenny as her left hand. In the hopes that perhaps between her and her fellow Archon, Madison Black, the pair could translate the mad brilliance of the goddess of winter.

It is unknown whether or not Jenny recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

After the trial of Evelynn Hastings; the Justicar Council has stripped her of her title of Prince, declaring Praxis for the minimum of one moon with a replacements of the entire Court of their choosing. It is unknown if Sweet Jenny is helping the party with her fellow archons or not.