The Nights of Revelation

And you can tell
By the red in my eyes
And the bruises on my thighs
And the knots in my hair
And the bathtub full of flies
That I'm not right now at all
There I go again
Pretending that I'll fall
Don't call the doctors
Cause they've seen it all before
They'll say just
Let her crash
And burn
She'll learn
The attention just encourages her

Girl Anachronism - The Dresden Dolls


Goddess of Winter, Mistress of Death, Keeper of Frost and Bringer of Cold. Her effigies are torn apart and drowned every White Sunday in the hopes of bringing Spring but only at the sacrifice of the last to return to the village or the Marzaniok after walking with the Queen. Born of the waters and reborn again.

There is little known of the Malkavian Kindred that goes by this epitaph except that she has been a part of the Camarilla for at least the last three centuries. She is mercurial in mood, erratic in temperament, and volatile though none of the other Justicars wish her replacement, mostly concerned of what the clan would offer up as a tribute in her stead. Oft times it is either Sweet Jenny or Madison, her archons, that act as equal parts her left and right hand respectively and the few binds that keep her chaotic brutality at bay.

It is impossible to know whether or not The Marzanna recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

After the trial of Evelynn Hastings; the Justicar Council has stripped her of her title of Prince, declaring Praxis for the minimum of one moon with a replacements of the entire Court of their choosing. The Marzanna stepped in when Justicar Zagreb attempted to overstep his position and she met out the punishment to Evelynn as was the right of Clan Malkavian since Enoch. Her motivations as always are as fickle and brutal as the winter she presides over.