The Nights of Revelation

You come on with it, come on, you don't fight fair
But that's okay, see if I care
Knock me down, it's all in vain'
I'll get right back on my feet again

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - ADONA


Therese Voerman and her sister Jeanette are considered a Malkavian fixture of the West Coast Kindred, specifically of Santa Monica. The pair are identical save Jeanette's heterochromia; Jeanette's left eye is green and the right gray compared to Therese's matching gray eyes. Much of Therese's life as a kine is cloaked in mystery, save a few key details. Most publicly that she has commented on her tenure as a vampire has extended back "over two lifetimes ago" and that outside of her father Jeanette was the only one there for her during her formative years.

Kept more close to the chest but whispered about in Camarilla and Anarch circles are the other scatter shot threads of her past. Despite being the golden child, obedient to even a self-deprecating way, Therese was never enough for her father and was blamed for his depression and all of his problems. The relationship between Jeanette, Therese and their father was abusive with the triggering details unknown to all but the three of them. And after he took his leave of this world violently, Therese and Jeanette came to blows over the reason why driving a stake between the girls and stoking animosity from the once inseparable codependency bond. There was a stint at an institution for Therese, whispers of an escape to find Jeanette once more and it was on that path that Therese met her sire.

In Therese's tenure in Los Angeles she quickly rose to become the Baron of Santa Monica and a prominent figure in the community as a businesswoman owning both Asylum, her nightclub and the hub of her barony, and Gallery Noir with Jeanette the more social butterfly flitting about whilst her sister managed the books and responsibility. When the late Prince Lacroix began the push of the Camarilla into the domain he drove another divide between the girls with Therese joining him at his side in the Camarilla and Jeanette favoring the Anarchs with her close contact with Smiling Jack.

Therese attempted to grow her sphere of influence with the Ocean House Hotel though after an already mentally ill guest had a breakdown and decapitated his wife and children the scandal was never able to be recovered from and the once promising business fell into disarray and abandonment. Probably for the best as the building developed a strong Wraith presence and haunting that was eventually solved by a local newcomer desperate to make themself useful to the domain after an unsanctioned Embrace. Why Therese went to ground for over a decade is unknown, especially since she originally had her eyes on declaring Praxis on Los Angeles after the Fall of Sebastian Lacroix in 2003.

it is unknown whether or not Therese recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

After the trial of Evelynn Hastings by the Justicar Council, Therese was sent to the Domain of New Orleans in the interim to serve the Court and the Camarilla.