The Nights of Revelation

Now shut your dirty mouth
If I could burn this town
I wouldn't hesitate
To smile while you suffocate and die
And that would be just fine
And what a lovely time, that it would surely be
So bite your tongue
And choke yourself to sleep

Choke - I Don't Know How But They Found Me


Tobias Wren is the CEO of Pentex Inc. and as such holds shares in all of it's global subsidiaries. An ingénue and brilliant business man, Tobias has done nothing but help bring the company into the fast lane after taking up the position at the young age of twenty-four. Known for being exceptionally philanthropic, the notoriously eligible bachelor has been a fixture of society with a meticulous and pristine reputation.

After time was reset to 2019, it is unknown whether or not Tobias Wren holds memories of the Apocalypse. During 2019 at the charity event cohosted with Cardinal Valdis on behalf of the Tulane Medical Center and major Masquerade breach, all those who took part in the toast were infected by the Wyrm and the building was put under quarantine. At some point during the chaos, Tobias Wren disappeared.