The Nights of Revelation

Fight so dirty, but you love so sweet
Talk so pretty, but your heart got teeth
Late night devil, put your hands on me
And never, never, never ever let go
Some days, you're the best thing in my life
Sometimes when I look at you, I see my wife
Then you turn into somebody I don't know
And you push me away, push me away, yeah

Teeth - 5 Seconds to Summer


Once a dear brother, the pair made into kindred at the hands of monsters masquerading as men; while they survived the Shoah, it was not the mortal world that tore them from each other but a Prince whose hands were tied. And so Viktor lost his brother to madness.

Once a beloved husband, the pair finding each other through grief and vitae; clan mates, heart mates, sharing blood and mind bound by oath and Vow, it was a Dragon that stole his madness and twisted his soul unrecognizable. And so Viktor lost his wife to madness.

Once a treasured pet, the pair experimenting upon the kine not unlike what happened to him as a child; though the similarities were lost in a blur of vaulderie, teachings of a righteous Sword's propaganda, and a path of Enlightenment soaked in death as a Necronomist. And so Viktor lost his soul to madness.

Viktor is a creature of immediacy, fixated upon the reactive now as his intellect fixates upon the study of life, death, undeath, and the mysticism of the Veil held barely together by his shattered mind and the faith of the Dark Father. A once prolific member of the Camarilla, Viktor was destined for a bright future in the organization. His home was open to all members of his clan and he was in high standing both as a Malkavian in clan as well as in the organization as a whole. It was the night his brother was to be executed that he met his one day wife, Madison Blanchette and the pair immediately fell into one another the way only told oft in stories of soulmates and truest loves. They were inseparable, an example that stood in stark contrast to the assumption that vampires were incapable of any semblance of human emotions where even the staunchest naysayer could not deny the pair was deeply in love.

It was this very fact that made it all the sweeter prey for Sascha Vykos to break, to destroy and twist in sadistic glee. Stealing Viktor away was easy enough with promises of koldunic secrets, the art of vicissitude, and a Path of Enlightenment diverging from the draconian strictures of Humanity. Using his flaws against him as it was nigh impossible for him to be able to feed and remain on Humanity. That was all she needed to worm her way into his soul and the corruption began. It wasn't long before he abandoned Madi out of nowhere, without a word.

In the Sabbat, Viktor flourished thanks to his genius intellect and penchant for brutal practicality. He ascended the ranks quickly, joining The Inquisition and establishing himself as the Abbot to The Father's Vengeance Pack with Sascha and Polonia, the trio are known as the Unholy Triumvirate of the Fisher King. His most famous act in service to the Sabbat was his diablerie of the former Malkavian Justicar leading to the ascension of The Marzanna and earning his place upon the Red List.

It is unknown whether or not Viktor recalls the events of the Apocalypse.

Despite leaving The Milkling Prime Experiment in the hands of Sascha's templar and paladins, Mother Verity and a unit of Legion, the Returned were able to destroy countless years of priceless koldunic and medical work when they desecrated and freed the Milkling test subjects and required subsequent emergency resources being dispatched to collect the Sword's surviving assets. Something that the Silver Pack consisting of Kati, Chelsea, Grace, Marlowe, and Sister as well as a few other wolves of little consequence including Caden and Tana thought to interrupt. The outcome of that meeting is currently unknown.

But not before The Sword of Caine’s righteous reclamation of the city of Atlanta. Which came as a joint effort from a partnership between the Angel and Talon of Caine in their service both to the Sword but an alliance with the Voltagabbana Giovanni after La Rottura di Giuda.