The Nights of Revelation

Cause you, you touch.
My skin peels off like paint but beneath all of our panting
There's this noise I cannot shake
Well, can't you hear that scratching?
There's something at the door...
But the wind has picked us up now, we're hanging in the air
And as you grip me like an animal that you're about to spear
"Be good to me, " I whisper
And you say, "What?", and I said, "Nothing, dear"

Can't you hear it?
It can hear you
It wants me to
Throw the plate at the wall

That Unwanted Animal - The Amazing Devil

The twin sister to Charlie Van Rensselaer, Whiskey entered this world grasped onto the heel of her older brother and only under extenuating circumstances have the Twins been separated from each other. Their birth names were given by their mother, an almost self-fulfilling prophecy that only a few are privy to. Like all members of The Order, they gave up their birth names for their code names, in the case of the Templars for a letter of the military alphabet and for the Scribes, an author's surname. The Vatican organization whose existence can be directly tied back to Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici is responsible for shaping not only the Twins but their parents, not that any familial relationship was ever encouraged with their father or possible after their mother's passing in labor.

Despite her teachers predictions or really insistence, Whiskey outright refused to become a Scribe, instead doing everything in her power to follow in her brother's footsteps as a Templar. When her brother became Rex after the suspicious death of the previous Rex it was Whiskey whose reputation took the hit, and to this day while it cannot be proven as fact most are certain the younger Van Rensselaer's hands are stained. Earning Whiskey the nickname Kingslayer, often said to her face more than her new name now.

After her [redacted], Whiskey redoubled her efforts towards becoming the perfect Templar going as far as to volunteering to teach the foundlings in combat as well as Ethics & Morality. It was one of the foundlings, Lovecraft Maldonado, that Charlie and Whiskey took under their wing after her father's fatal accident. The trio were exceptionally close, treating each other as family though the moment they had the opportunity to separate them, the Vatican took great delight in doing so. As such both Charlie and Whiskey have not seen Lovecraft since 2017 though Whiskey was desperately attempting to track their ward down. This of course falling by the wayside after her own disappearance.

Whiskey was Unmoored along with the main party and disappeared in 1963, though it was confirmed in the End of Days that she was kidnapped by Delilah and handed over to Beleth. How long her captivity has been is currently unknown.

Due to having her name added to the ritual performed by Becca Whateley, Whiskey possesses knowledge of the Apocalypse and the Final Nights firsthand. During the quarantine and major Masquerade breach at the charity event co-hosted by Cardinal Valdis and Tobias Wren, Whiskey was witness to the toast that infected all those who took part with the Wyrm, with the help of Lucifer retrieving Beleth after he lost consciousness, and the subsequent cleansing of the fire suppression system in the basement boiler room.

Currently Byron (and therefore Beleth) are being held captive and watched over by Lovecraft, Lucifer, and Whiskey at Oliver's request.